Training content

Currently nowhere in Europe there is a systematised, reliable and EQF compliant training for SMEs and their staff on how to implement Smart Working. Our project bridges this gap and provides a reliable, trustworthy and systematised training provision.

Training topic

SWIFT SME is not a mere set of guidelines of how to use Skype, Google Drive and other ICT applications to work remotely. SWIFT SME takes into account the technology and human sides of Smart Working, delves into the operational and management implications of what Smart Working is, how does it work, what does it implies on business processes, people involved, internal business hierarchies and other human side implications.

Multifunctional approach

SWIFT SMEs is a project implemented by VET providers, human capital experts, SMEs and ICT experts that together can develop a truly holistic approach towards the mechanisms and facets of Smart Working not only from a technology and business perspective, but also from a social and human one.


SWIFT SME develops and deploys training for Smart Working in different language versions, not only in English. Most of the poor resources available out there now are available only in English, while our project develops content and solutions in more than one language, providing solutions that are actionable in different EU settings and operational environments.

EQF compliant

SWIFT SME develops training based on the EQF system and compliant with CEDEFOP guidelines. This makes our training extremely innovative and replicable, as it can be transferred to anywhere in Europe without implementation barriers.

Operational approach with “Plug & Play” attitude

SWIFT SME training is highly relevant and operational because it is developed by SMEs for SMEs and in conjunction with formal and non-formal VET providers. AS such, our training is immediately applicable.