Uptake guidelines and “Smart Work for SMEs” Manifesto

The last intelectual output of the project is represented by two distinct element that serves the same purpose: boost and valorise the mainstreaming of the project beyond the SWIFT partnership and optimise its replicability opportunities regardless of the EU co-financing.

These IO’s elements are represented by:

  • The uptake guidelines of both project results and deliverables beyond the scope of the partnership and the scale of the project. These guidelines consist in a set of “TO Dos” in order to mainstream and sustain SWIFT after the end of the co-funding from Erasmus+ and exploit its replicability opportunities regardless of the SWIFT consortium.

  • A “Smart Work for SMEs” Manifesto that provides precious inputs to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the specific domain intersected between digital empowerment and business/people management. The Manifesto is a formal document that collects all the lessons learned acquired at implementation and consolidating the wealth of knowledge on the dynamics of digital empowerment, entrepreneurship, people and business management from an operational and practical perspective.

The Uptake document stands as a sum of operational guidelines for other operators of the education and training ecosystem concerned and deeply interested in the exploitation and valorisation of Smart Working models/frameworks to better sustain the digitalisation process of EU SMEs.

Guidelines      Manifesto