The CIT GmbH is the Regional Development Agency (RDA) of the Federal District Spree-Neisse. The CIT GmbH carries out all relevant activities of an RDA like settlement and support service of companies and support service of new business (Entrepreneurship Incubator). Furthermore, the CIT GmbH is responsible for the broadband development in the district and is active in the devel-opment as well as company of German-Polish contacts.
With the structural change in the region and the associated loss of jobs and know-how (brain drain) the CIT GmbH is searching for new markets for companies of the district to keep the skilled workers in the region.

The CIT GmbH is experienced in the project work at Land, Federal and EU level. The projects are mostly focused on the needs of enterprises starting from investments up to personnel qualifica-tion. The CIT GmbH provides a whole chain of supporting opportunities for potential entrepre-neurs, starting with low-level offers to gain entrepreneurial competencies, advise well before and afterwards the real start of a business, micro financing and European exchange of entrepreneurs.

Project experiences:

Transnational project work
Erasmus+ KA2 and KA3 projects (VET education, adult education)
COSME program
Leonardo da Vinci
ESF funded projects transnational funding strand

German-Polish border project work

Thematic fields
Entrepreneurial skills, entrepreneurship education
Tourism, (renewable) Energy
Integration of migrants, refugees